Saturday, January 15, 2011

You have to be kidding me.

I was on one of my many many trips to 7-11 (Slurpee addiction) and I noticed in the little chilled sandwich and overpriced fruit section they now have SUSHI. Does sushi from 7-11 seem like a good idea to you? I admit that I have a strange love of 7-11 hotdogs - it's the plastic squeezy cheese and maybe meat chili that win me over; but hotdogs seem like an appropriate "food" for such a place, sushi does not.

While on the subject of 7-11, does anyone know of one that currently has Root Beer (Mug/Hires, not Barq's) on tap? Dr. Pepper is thankfully now a staple flavour, but if I'm going to mix things up Root Beer makes for a good change but it's more rare than scoring a genuine deal on boxing day. Bottoms up!


  1. Mmmm Dr. Pepper is my fave. I notice that it's now a staple at most non-711 Slurpee venues too. Only thing is, why is it always drippier than the rest ? At -30 all of the flavours look icey and pristine, ready for a great pour then there's the liquidey Dr. Pepper. It makes me sad sometimes.

  2. *contemplates*
    *scratches head*
    Nope. Can't figure out what you mean... non-7-11 slurpees? What would be the point?? ;)
    I think the liquid content in the Dr. Pepper slurpee is part of why it's my favourite, flavour lasts until the end!