Sunday, January 23, 2011

Screw you Environment Canada

Yes that's right, YOU, Environment Canada (*somewhere a sad lonely meteorologist sheds a tear). Now, sigh, I suppose in the interest of full disclosure, this tale of woe is at least partially my fault, but that would make the story far less interesting.

Picture it. Friday, January 21st, 2011. I was sick as a dog, awake a total of perhaps 6 hours all day. Now in that six hours I think I must have heard various media outlets tell me about 17 times that Sunday was looking for a high of -4C. In fact, even on Environment Canada's own website -4C was the forecast high! This is where my possible error comes in, I was so dosed up on cold medication that I allowed my search for the magical number to be the end of the weather story. It may or may not have mentioned the horrible horrible wind that would be whipping the bejesus out of me today.

So, -4C conjures up all sorts of warm and fuzzy images (well, for January anyway) I used those thoughts to help carry me through the sickness and drudgery of the rest of Friday and Saturday. Sunday finally arrived and what did we end up with? Well, at 7pm, we finally reached the NEW, but not improved, forecast high of -13C, not to forget the horrific windchill that has kept us closer to -30C all day.

So long rant made shorter, today was supposed to be a nice day outside. It wasn't. I did leave the house, for only a few hours, long enough to remind myself that I want snow tires and that I still hate winter. I still feel like garbage, although I am on the mend and I refuse to get excited about the forecast high of 0C on Thursday. Mostly.

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