Friday, January 14, 2011

D'Arcy's lives to fight another day

Well, it seems as though Winnipeggers stepped up to the plate, yet again. Good work folks! According to today's Winnipeg Free Press article D'Arcy's received some very generous donations, including ongoing assistance with their Hydro bill for the rest of the year.

Stories like this make me both elated and depressed. Obviously, the short-term outcome is fantastic, but what about the long term? What about all of the other local organizations, animal and otherwise, that need our help? Why do we only respond when there is a crisis? How do we use prevention instead of a cure?

Now, I'll say this, and surely not for the first time, politics are not my thing. I tend to have the kindergartner's view when it comes to any sort of political issue. It just strikes me that we could better serve many of the organizations that we support if there were less of them. I don't think that having less programs would be a detriment, in fact, quite the opposite. Winnipeg is lucky to be blessed with so many dedicated and brilliant folks when it comes to our non-profit sector; what if they all banded together and created superpowers of their genre rather than spreading themselves and Winnipeggers donation dollars so thin. Administration eats up much of any agency's budget, not because they are overpaying their employee's - generally quite the opposite, never mind all the volunteer labour hours that are contributed to any given organization. Good people to run an organization costs $$ and many of the hours are just spent looking for more funding. I think there must be a better way.

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