Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winnipeg weekend

Well, another Winnipeg weekend draws to a close and it was a cold one if nothing else. I did end up making it down to the museum this afternoon, if only for a extremely quick visit. I was more than a little disappointed to see that the "snow" that normally adorns the 1920's village this time of year is no more. It made me a little sad and nostalgic; that has always been my favourite section of the museum (with the Nonsuch running a close 2nd) and I enjoyed the winter scene as a fun switch-up.

Sadly, Winnipeg had its 2nd murder of the year, a neighbour. Not a neighbour I knew, but a neighbour nonetheless. I have walked by that house many times, it's generally pretty quiet - unkempt looking, but quiet. According to the article, another neighbour, Tracie is too afraid to leave the house at night, which is a shame. Not that I exactly advocate going for aimless strolls at night, but that's not specific to the North End. I think anyone, in particular any woman, who thinks that just because they live in a "good" neighbourhood means that they are free from needing to use common sense is just asking for trouble. We live in a major urban centre, in the year 2011 - crime exists - EVERYWHERE.

I don't let fear keep me locked up in my house (winter temperatures do that all on their own!) but I do exercise due caution whenever and wherever I go, be it the North End, the South End or on a sunny Sunday afternoon stroll down Wellington Crescent. Obviously and unfortunately, the chances of something negative happening to me in my neighbourhood I'm sure are statistically much higher, however that doesn't keep me from working towards change. I think that if more of us that take the time to get to know the people who live around us we can foster a sense of community. When we band together we will be stronger. I live in a North End where I love to spend time out in my yard, chatting with people as they walk by - I think because I know many of my fellow residents I feel safer. I don't know Tracie, but maybe if I did, she wouldn't be so afraid to leave her house, she'd know that she had a friend in her neighbour.

On a less sad/soapboxy note, it seems as though 7-11 seems to have Cherry Dr. Pepper as their feature slurpee flavour, does life get any better?

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