Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Laughter, the best medicine

Well, I'm home now, only a 11.5 hour day today. Haven't washed today's angry off yet, but saw this video on a friends facebook profile and it brought a genuine smile and laugh to my weary face. It's so quintessentially Winnipeg. Now, as I'm realizing, the blogging crowd tend to be a very well read bunch and since I found the video on the WFP website you all likely would have come across it on your own, so I ask you to pass it on to your friends and family via other mediums so they can enjoy it too!

Oh, and in case you are wondering what happened with my roof, so far nothing, but they did send someone useful to come take a look and they shoveled the snow off the roof, it's a start.


  1. Lol - "we've even got a few scratch and dent models"

  2. I think my favourite part is the, "we've got girl cats, boy cats, used to be boy cats" complete with the scissor fingers! We* all use "lol" all the time - but that was one of those times where I really did burst out laughing!

    *okay, not everyone uses "lol" but it is one of the few texting words that I'm okay with, after all, it's an acronym not just lazy shorthand like "u" and "r" or even worse, "ur" *shudder*