Monday, April 25, 2011

Rising costs - my world has changed

Now, before you all think this is just another boring post about the rising costs of fuel and food, let me tell you, it is far more dire than that.

They have not only raised the price of Slurpee's YET AGAIN but they have also changed their policy on what cups you can use to get refills of the sweet sugary nectar. Which means my happy little collection of original Slurpee cups that I have in the cupboard has instantly become obsolete. Why do I have more than one if I refill them you ask? Well, sometimes the craving would hit and I wouldn't have a cup handy so I'd need to get a new one - but it worked out because it turns out you can only put those suckers through the dishwasher a number of times before they disintegrate.

Now, unlike gas prices which traditionally spike for summer and then go back down again this is permanent. Sigh. I remember the good old days when I could refill my Slurpee for $1.01 including tax and a new big Slurpee was only $1.25 and I'm pretty sure it was bigger than the biggest one now that costs a whopping $2.23!

Okay, you may all now return to your regularly scheduled blogs that contain information that may be of importance to other people besides those with impending Slurpee-induced diabetes - I hear there's an election or something coming up. Hmmm.... election, maybe it'll be like high school and one of the candidates will have a promise of getting a Slurpee machine in the cafeteria my living room - I'll vote for that one!


  1. Yes, that $1 Slurpee deal was the best, and least well known, deal in town.

    I wash out the cups and keep a stack of them in the back seat of my car. Not the most hygenic but considering the ingredients in a Slurpee the odd bit of car carpet fuzz won't kill me !

  2. Yeah, that's not allowed anymore - you need to use a cup that is "designed" for refills :( I had to buy a refillable cup today. Although, that being said the first Slurpee I got this morning at Main and Bannerman had signs everywhere noting the change in policy and the second one today, yes, it was a two Slurpee sort of day - still grouting! - was at Mountain and Arlington and there were no signs so maybe it won't be adhered to at all locations?

  3. Sunday I got one at Arlington and Ellice and no signs. Didn't atone point they used top put stickers on the cups ? that makes more sense. i still like the option of getting a Slurpee and tossing the cup after if I want.

    Oh, why do they have to complicate things ?!

  4. It may just be the Main and Bannerman Sev. That place is expensive. I bought milk there once. 2 liters and it was over $4.00. I try to avoid that location at all costs.

  5. The key to buying milk at 7-11 is to buy it in 1 litre containers - there is a maximum milk price imposed on that size and I'm pretty sure they follow it. So I always buy two 1's instead of a two. Mac's has a pretty good deal if you ever need a 4L - I think they are like $4 or something.

    I know Walmart and Safeway sometimes have different prices at different locations but I've never noticed it at Sev.