Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bad hippie, go back to your VW! Aka, bike auction this weekend

It's that time of year again - you can buy back your stolen bike (or someone else's!) The 2011 Bike auction is this weekend and with any luck, it will be warm enough in a few months to actually use your new bike.  Haul your butt on down to the far reaches of Charleswood for some un-godly hour on a weekend and get yourself a shiny (probably not) new (probably not) toy. If you're too lazy to click the link, Google 4230 Ridgewood Ave for directions - and bring $2.00 for parking (or be a cheapskate and park on one of the nearby streets and walk - just don't fall into one of the famous ditches!)

I hear bikes are a popular way to get around, this is one of the ways that I score a giant "F" in the ways of the modern hippie. No, it's not because I don't think that we have adequate infrastructure for bikes or a lack of bike lanes, it's because for the most part I like to get places in warmth and comfort in a timely manner. I admire those who are tenacious enough traverse our streets and climate in the name of Mother Earth. I prefer to use cloth bags to put my groceries in the trunk of my car. With heated seats. I also work two jobs and on the days that the weather might be acceptable to bike, I'm sure as heck not going to peddle my ass all over town (oh look, and amusing typo/pun) and arrive at job #2 all hot and sweaty. On those days, I take the convertible.  I do however, do my very best to respect the cyclists out there and try to always do a proper lane change to go around them rather than forcing them into the potholes curb. Of course, if at the next red light they zoom up along the curb and I have to pass them again.....

I do enjoy other such stereotypical hippie activities as traipsing about the planet with a backpack and flip-flops, driving old VW's (see, hippies don't hate all vehicles!), wearing vintage/used clothing, eating ethnic food and spending days loafing about at parks and festivals.

I do have a bike, a super sweet 1964 Eaton's Glider in minty mint mint condition (and not just because I don't use it everyday) with whitewall tires and original leather bag under the seat and I didn't realize I could register for a mere $5 - which means that the Police will give it back to me if they ever find it. Email 311 for more information. A slurpee fits nicely in its basket.

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  1. All the way in Charleswood? Ah well. The nice thing about parking on the street is if you buy a good enough bike, you can drive it back to the vehicle.