Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This just in!

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The North End  murder rate is down. This is no longer my gut feeling, I have real numbers.The CBC has been kind enough to post a map with all the murder stats from the last few years. Near as I can tell from CBC's slightly wonky interactive map* (and confirmed on this seemingly detailed website) so far there have been 29 murders in Winnipeg this year; number 29 which just happened over the weekend is not yet updated on either site. Of those 29 murders, guess how many happened in the notorious super scary North End??

Totally borrowed this image but I think they did too...


No matter how you write it, it's less than 15% of all the murders in this city this year. Even if you broaden the horizons of what is technically the North End, as the media tend to do (which you all know is my favourite) there were only 5 that the average suburbanite would consider the North End. Please note dodgy folk of the North End, this is not a challenge to up your game. For a little bit of context in 2011 there were 40 (although 41 according to Floyd Wiebe's website) and 15 of those which is 37.5%!

Also, the murder rate in Winnipeg seems on track to be less this year as well which is nice, and obviously I wish people would stop killing each other in general, but hey, if it's going to happen if it could be in a neighbourhood that isn't mine I'm a happy girl.

*If someone from CBC reads this, I had trouble when using the "table" function - it would let me me scroll down but then would bounce back up to the top instantly. Entirely possible of course that I am inept, however usually I can do stuff like that!