Monday, April 11, 2011

I made a smaller difference this time, but it still counts!

Fresh off the high of seeing a house transform from derelict to delightful, I got to come face to face with Uncle Murphy.  Yup, him of "Murphy's Law" fame (not to be confused with Murphy Brown, a fine television show from the 80's/90's). See, after my Geography post I've been trying to keep an eye out for crime being mislabeled as having happened in the North End and of course it hasn't happened.  But then today it did.

Barry Burns, if you're out there, sorry for the rushed semi-irate phone call that you got this afternoon - I was in the process of running from one job to the other and didn't have time for pleasantries - I just needed to get the word out.  During the 4:30 news update I was shocked to hear that the triple homicide that happened on  Alexander Avenue in March 2008, was located in the North End.  I know that Alexander Avenue is a pretty long street, but at no point does it cross the CPR tracks and venture into the North End.

Now, I never saw what CJOB had up on their website earlier in the day, it sure does say Weston now,as did a news update at 11:00pm (it may well have changed by the 5 o'clock update, but I was at work so I have no way of knowing).  Was it just a slip of the tongue? I don't think so, because when I first stated that Alexander is not in the North End his response was "it's not?" or something to that effect, as opposed to agreeing with me. So my smaller success of the day is that I've hopefully scared a suburbanite away from a different neighbourhood instead of the North End (sorry Weston!) and that I got a media outlet to polish their reporting just a touch.  Okay, not that I actually want suburbanites to be scared, but it couldn't hurt for them to hear the word murder followed by something else besides North End.

Sorry for the multiple posts in one day - I would have stored them up but they all just had to be shared - must be the warm weather thawing out my brain!

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