Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I can't help it

Yup, I'm feeling a little under appreciated today, clearly the first time ever that a blogger has felt this way. Last Friday, I wrote a blog post about some of the things I've seen lately here in the North End. Part of what finally brought me out of my blogging drought was spotting signs around Burrows and Charles that had been put up by a local resident clearly trying to deter johns from looking for "dates" near his or her house. I knew this was a good North End piece of news to bring to my readership masses (it's my blog, I can define masses however I want!)
Apparently I had no idea how juicy this story really was.

Yesterday at least 4 local media outlets ran with their version of the story (CBC, CTV, Sun, Freep). Now, I know that reporters from all 4 of these outlets read my blog because over the years I have been writing I have been contacted by most of them and am also followed on twitter by their staff. To be fair, they did track down the creator of those signs and I did not - but y'know THEY'RE PAID TO ADD THAT KIND OF DEPTH TO A STORY. And besides other than adding his name they didn't really add much more than my post (*at first, they did seem to expand on their stories later in the day) - I on the other hand provided my readers with a first hand account of hugging a street worker and being approached by johns.

Now, I'm not a total idiot, I know they aren't going to mention in their story how they came to be writing about it, but an email or a DM on Twitter to say, "hey, we're going to look into what the deal is with those signs, thanks for the heads up" would have been nice. As a positive side note, since although my readership is international, it doesn't cast quite as wide of a net as those 4 big players so at least the topic is getting more attention.

As a thank you for providing the topic I ask of the traditional media (especially you CBC) to go back and read my posts about neighbourhood boundaries, since now I know for sure you read the blog.

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  1. cool story about people protecting their neighbourhood.

    robert Falcon Ouellette