Friday, July 5, 2013

As seen around the North End...

Okay, I've apparently gone a month without posting and I have a million ideas for posts in my head (like every other blogger) but my computer at home bit the dust and the idea of trying to post on my ipad doesn't really appeal.

So first up...
SOFA KING many broken windows! Yes. I took this picture a long time ago. It still looks the same though.
Why SOFA KING many broken windows?

What font would you call that?

 I'm not sure if I should find this sign from the Robin's Donuts at Selkirk and Salter charming or depressing in its simplicity. To be fair, they did eventually get a proper one made - when I went to take a photo of it however it was gone. I made the investigate effort of going inside and asking about it. I'm told it's a winter only service. My sources tell me that someone is trying to put a Timmies in the old Riedigers spot so with no drive-thru I wonder if this is their answer to keeping one step ahead of the game?
Looking for h00kers in the North End? Be prepared to get famous!
...and lastly, what I saw today that made me write a post without further delay. These lovely signs can be found at Burrows and Charles. Good on whoever did this! Living on a corner not far from here I also see my fair share of prostitutes and have also been approached myself by johns. It is basically one of the reasons I feel that prostitution needs to be legalized - let people have one spot to go for that sort of thing so that there is no mistaking women (and even worse, girls) out walking near their homes. And yes, I'm well aware that it wouldn't stop it entirely and that obviously that wouldn't address the child prostitution issue etc. etc. but I think it would be a start.

I will try and get around to posting more often! Have a great summer weekend folks :)

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