Monday, June 11, 2012

Milking this post for all it's worth

So, last night I was about to make dinner when my plans were thwarted as I needed milk to complete the recipe. What culinary delight was I making you ask? Cereal. Fruit Loops to be exact. Don't judge. Besides, if "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and cereal is good enough for breakfast, simple logic would dictate that it is also good enough for every other meal too. Besides, when the hunger pangs strike I can be eating a mere 30 seconds later (well, if I have milk) - take that "real food"!

Off I headed, on foot no less, as although I love my cars, even I would have to hate myself for driving such a short distance. I was headed to Shell because if memory served correctly, the two little corner shops (about a block away in either direction) leave a little to be desired when it comes to milk and other perishable items. However, my imminent hunger and my desire to support the little guy caused me to stop in my neighbor had me stop at the little shop that was on my way. I was in luck! There was 1% milk ready and waiting for me! I had brought a toonie with me, as many years of buying milk at Sev while I pick up a Slurpee has taught me that milk being more expensive at convience stores is a myth, due to "maximum milk prices". That said, the maximum milk price applies only to the 1 litre size, so at Sev and the like if I need 2 litres I just buy two of the 1 litre size as it saves about $0.75.

So imagine my surprise when the gentleman told me it was $2.19! Since it had been keyed in manually rather than scanned, I pointed out that it was only a 1 litre, surely he was mistaken. Nope. He wanted $2.19 for it. So off I headed to Shell after all. Where it was $1.53. Curious, when I got home, I asked Google to confirm for me what I believed to be true about milk prices, and, sure enough, $1.53 is the maximum for a 1 litre of 1% milk.

(Section 4)
Maximum retail prices for the following types of Class 1 milk in a 1 litre container:
Homogenized Milk $1.66
2% Milk $1.59
1% Milk $1.53
Skim Milk $1.49

(in case you were wondering what the maximums for all sizes were)

So, this morning I made a formal complaint about the little store. Part of me feels bad, as I know that it can be harder for the little guy to compete, however another part of me thinks that their big mark-ups should be on things like candy, chips, chocolate bars and pop - not milk. Even if they had a smaller mark-up, say $0.25 instead of the whopping $0.66 - I might not have even noticed, but in a community with so many food security issues in the first place, it just seems a bit too cheeky. Of course, I suppose I am thankful that we don't suffer the same fate at Nunavut, which recently has been in the news due to their extremely high food prices. Although, I didn't check the cost of a 4 litre at that same store, if I was to buy it in 1 litre containers, it would cost a whopping $8.76! That's $2.64 more than 150m up the road at Shell - almost enough for two more litres.

On another note, I got this extremely weird search that led people to my blog today: 
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I don't even think I can try to figure out what that means.

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