Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's in a word?

A lot of blog traffic if that word is h00ker.

I've reached the point where I think I might go back and change all the correct spellings of the word to the mildly ironic version where the "00" could certainly be confused for a certain part of a h00kers anatomy. Over 65% of my all-time search results that brought people to my blog were some variation of people searching for where to get busy with a stranger here in our fair city. I am just grateful that I (Love Me Love My Winnipeg that is) make the top 3 search terms!

Now, while part of me just wants to leave the word, as is, so that all the these folks looking for love in all the wrong places (hint: Google is wrong place for finding street workers, you find them on streets and it's probably easiest to ask a suburban teen where in Winnipeg they are, as that is what legends of the bad parts of town are made of) end up reading my ramblings instead.

What do other bloggers think? How do you deal with this sort of thing?


So for those of you who were listening to CJOB (Richard Cloutier to be specific) in the last couple of weeks you may have heard me chatting about life in the North End and also about the garbage problem that shows no signs of going away. It was great to get to be a voice for what the neighbourhood is really like, I even heard from a man afterward who said that I helped to persuade him to consider the North End as a place suitable for his daughter to live after all.

Typical sight in my back lane, especially at this autobin
We still have a long way to go of course, especially in terms of eradicating the garbage (of both the human and litter variety) but I truly think it will happen. Right now my biggest concern with the litter is what is going to happen once they get rid of the autobins; at the moment they fit some of the bulky garbage, things like chairs and non-console tv's, where is that all going to go once the bins are gone? I predict a lot more emails to 311 - I think I'm probably going to become "oh... that girl again" - but what else am I supposed to do? Even just picking up the stray litter that is all over the place has netted me over two full garbage bags this year, what would I do if I had a large family and didn't have the room in my wheelie cart for that?

Sigh. On to happier things. Today is Transcona's 100th Birthday! I really really really hope there are 100 pink plastic flamingos on a boulevard or something!

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  1. Re 311. Did you know that they have NO WAY of tracking problem properties? You could call/email about the same place a hundred times, and no one ever catches on that this property needs an "intervention". We've taken to a "form email" instead of typing out a new one everytime. I'm pretty sure they have a way of tracking the SENDER.
    The garbage issue will get worse, and Dromo has NO idea how to fix it. By-law enforcement is useless, and they close files after nothing has been done to remedy the situation.