Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Winnipeg Bike Auction

That's right - it's that time already again - this weekend in fact! The 2012 Winnipeg bike auction will be held this Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th out in the boonies Charleswood. According to the link to the Associated Auto Auction website, there will be over 700 bikes available. That means the police are recovering approximately 2 bikes a day. How are there that many unclaimed bikes per year?? Probably because people like me don't take my own advice (as given in the post last year about the auction) and register their bikes for the $5. Seriously, someone please make sure I do that this year. Call 311 for more information on that if you need. Also, this year apparently they have partnered with WRENCH to provide some of the bikes - take a minute to check out their website an learn a bit more about this great non-profit.

Because clearly you are all clamouring to know exactly how my brain works, that's the song that plays when I hear the word bicycle.

And this, is what I hear every time someone talks about Twitter and mentions a tweet:
Yes, my brain is a terrifying place.


  1. If your bike is stolen you have to file a police report. At that point the police have the description and serial number. How does the existence of the same information in the registry help?

  2. Firstly I believe they will return it to you no charge, which with the cost of gas (or even bus fare for that matter)the $5 charge almost pays for itself. Secondly, and I don't know this for fact, I am just presuming that with these fancy com-pu-ter things we have now that they could key in the serial number and have your information pop up. I would also hazard a guess that unless you've paid your five bucks they are not that organized, even with technology. As well, the more time that goes by, if that's the case no one is going to remember that someone filed a report in February for a bike that they don't find until August.

    However, if nothing else, like I said, at $2.50 or whatever it is to take the bus, and then have to ride your bike home from the police storage unit, assuming it's rideable, I'd way rather have it delivered to me!

    1. I registered my bicycle because, yeah, it's super cheap so one may as well. They keep your serial number on file with your address and contact phone numbers. You put a sticker on your bicycle indicating it's registered with the WPS. It really is a great idea if your bike is stolen and recovered.

      ...I also think of Queen's "Bicycle Race" when I think of my bike. ;)

  3. Why the hell did they move it out to Charleswood?