Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The things I do for my adoring public...

Well, I've sacrificed myself again, just to bring you some of the latest and greatest that Winnipeg (and the North End in particular) has to offer. *Sarcasm font still in development*. I also joined "the Twitter"(admittedly, I still don't get the point of it - but please feel free to follow me - and it will help me find some of you as well, as all Twitter wants me to follow is dumb celebrities). @lovemelovemywpg

A week or so ago, I tried two places that are newer to the scene here in the North End, Island Flava and Sugar Blooms and Cakes. Now, Jamaican cuisine is not something I expected to find here in the North End, partly because I haven't noticed too many Jamaican folks here and also because sadly they seem to have one of the worst locations a start-up business could hope to have; very little foot traffic and not even on a route that commuters would pass through. Of course, in today's fast moving world, I started this post and saved it to work on later and the FreeP beat me to the punch and did a review in Friday's paper on it, so since Marion Warhaft is actually more of an expert on these sorts of things I'll let her talk it up. I'll summarize with a "get there before it's gone" and also a note that the lovely proprietor may be able to help you with catering your next event - I gave her a budget and she came through with a huge spread that wowed my lunch meeting guests.

Next, I went to the newly opened Sugar Blooms. I was looking for a dessert for that same meeting and was hoping that this new bakery was part of the cupcake craze that seems to have taken North America. Apparently they do indeed make cupcakes (although it does not seem as though it's a specialty of theirs) but they were out when I stopped in so I decided to try something completely different - Brazo de Mercedes, a Filipino dessert described on Wikipedia as "a rolled cake or jelly roll, is made from a sheet of meringue rolled around a custard filling". Reviews by my guests who had also never had it were quite favourable. As well if you've ever had a hankering for Ube Macapuno, or as I tend to call it, Purple Filipino Cake, they of course have that as well. Sugar Blooms is easy to find, just head west on Selkirk, and you will find it just past Arlington.

Two new North End businesses - I wish them both the best of luck! Oh, and for people who are better at this technology thing than I am, could you tell me what thingamajig I'm supposed to install gadget wise to make it easy for folks to click a button over on the side ---> to follow me on Twitter? Much appreciated! (The only one I could find when searching their available gadgets said it was a broken one so it wouldn't let me install it).

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