Monday, November 7, 2011

One stop shopping?

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I sadly do far more shopping at 7-11 than I probably should, but with my love of Slurpee's I'm there anyway... and I suppose by shopping I mostly buy milk to eat with my cereal  (I don't think Sex and the City ever adequately covered the real lives of single women - I wear Sorels not Manolo's as a secondary bone that I have to pick...) and buy the odd scratch ticket. So, two things that the residents of Island Lakes should consider before trying to stop a 7-11 from infiltrating their quiet suburban neighbourhood (which I learned about from Policy Frog).

First, Sev seems to constantly have the best deal in town on Ben & Jerry's ice cream - 2 for like $10 - perfect for a night on the couch with................ a rented movie from their fancy pants new video rental machines! According to the clerk that I spoke with at the Main St. location where I spotted this new addition, they likely will indeed end up at your local Slurpee pit-stop soon.

For those of you like myself who have not joined the Netflix bandwagon or learned how to download these sorts of things for free, it's a welcome addition to the new-release/hollywood blockbuster video market (because of course, if you want something old or something interesting, Movie Village will always remain the place to go). Also, at only $1.99, I dare say worth renting from rather than the red machines that have popped up in the the last year or so at Safeway if only because 7-11 is always open.


  1. I like this! There are no movie rental stores within walking distance of my place, so I'd be happy if the Sev offered this service.

  2. What?! Holy smokes, Red Box has some competition!

    Where else can you get cheap coffee, donuts, not to mention Slurpees and deals on small boxes of cereal... I love 7-11.