Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm at LAX (and I shouldn't be)

Before I get you to click on over to my other blog, a travel blog, that I had the very best intentions of writing in often (have posts ready to go but want to add photos, which seems to be impossible via mobile unless I have google+) I thought I would do a quick post here.

Basically, I'm in LA. I should be fast asleep in my prepaid hotel room in Bangkok. United Airlines screwed me, for the second time this trip, so here I sit. It makes my travel post that I'm about to send you doubly relevant for me for the second time in two weeks! It will also be almost 24 more hours before I am in Bangkok.

However, I am writing this post from the Star Allaince lounge at LAX, a small perk I was able to get, and I'll take it! Cross your fingers for me that I also get myself moved on  to business class...

And although I know everyone has their stories good and bad for all airlines, let it be known that United should likely always be a last resort, the "charm" of most of their employees is often even below that of Air Canada.

Read my travel blog post here:

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