Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Winnipeg Police Bike Auction

That's right - it's that time already again - this weekend in fact! The 2013 Winnipeg bike auction will be held this Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th out in the boonies Charleswood. It is a new Auctioneer this year. I have no idea how that might be relevant but I thought I would share. There will be over 750 bikes available. That means the police are recovering approximately 2 bikes a day. How are there that many unclaimed bikes per year?? Probably because people like me don't take my own advice (as given in the post in 2011 about the auction) and register their bikes for the $6.10. Seriously, someone please make sure I do that this year. Call 311 for more information on that if you need. Also, this year apparently they have again partnered with WRENCH to provide some of the bikes - take a minute to check out their website an learn a bit more about this great non-profit.

If this post looks familiar it's because I basically just copied it from last year in a mad rush to post this on time. I was on track to have written this post a month ago, except when I emailed 311 on March 19th they had no idea when it might be. Seems weird to me that an event like this wasn't planned more than a couple weeks in advance. But hey, what do I know?

Also, because last year I included the video for "Bicycle Race" by Queen, this year I shall include another Queen video. This is not remotely related to bicycles, rather I have very late in life discovered that I  REALLY LIKE QUEEN (late bloomer apparently).

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  1. Hey Winnipeg Girl, How are you these days? I have been getting messages on my old blog http://adayinthehood.blogspot.ca/ about the house with the roof caving in. People seem to want an update. Has anything been done in the way of repairs? or is the roof still caving in? I would imagine this last winter's snowfall would have caused it more damage.
    Could you check on it, and maybe do a post that I could refer these people to? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Hope all is well.
    Raespace (livin it large on the road)