Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boats and Slurpee's

Just a quick post from me today (rare, enjoy it!). First, thankfully, the new main search that brings traffic to my site is the Paddlewheel Queen, or some variation of - much better than h00kers. Since folks seem to end up on here looking for river cruises in Winnipeg, enjoy this short lived link (expires today, sorry) for 50% off the Paddlewheel. You're welcome.

Next, for some reason 7-11 has been advertising the bejeezus out of Free Slurpee Day I seem to hear it mentioned every few minutes on the radio. Now, first of all, Winnipeggers don't need to be told about free Slurpee's, second, why on earth did they move free Slurpee day? Yes, yes, yes, one could argue that's why they're advertising it, but it still seems silly to me, we are going to go to Sev without advertising, and no true Winnipegger wants that dinky little free Slurpee anyway - we want the real thing.

New cup has poor design, too top heavy!
For those of you not in love with the sweet sugary nectar that is a Slurpee, free Slurpee day is usually July 11th, or 7-11 if you will. That makes sense, this does not. In other Slurpee news, for those of you that missed my breaking news tweet the other day, it seems as though 7-11 has changed the shape of the small clear cup. This my friends is not a good thing. The new cup is top heavy and for those of us without cup holders (ok, there is a small chance that this is only vintage VW owners, but I know a lots of those folks) it spells disaster. Plus, any true Slurpee aficionado will have made sure the car they purchased fit Slurpee cups in the existing cupholders before they bought their car. For the record, the clerk at Sev didn't even bat an eyelash when I was on my test drive and asked to borrow a cup for a second to check....

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  1. You borrowed a cup to check? That is brilliant!