Monday, March 26, 2012

I have strange hobbies

So, as promised, my latest and greatest "small (Winnipeg) world" story. There are similarities between this story and my last one - it also involves the MLS and chairs. So, Winnipeg Girl has a few strange hobbies, one of them is trolling the MLS; you'd be amazed at the interesting things you can learn off that site (like for example, someone on my street clearly smokes crack as they think they can get $179k for a ~800sq. ft bungalow). Every now and again it even does what it's supposed to do and drags me down to an open house.

This brings us to a few weeks ago, I went to an open house on Rupertsland (the street just past the Green Brier on Main) down by Scotia. It was one of the most fantastic houses I have ever seen. It was 2236sq. ft of 1955 original goodness. Gleaming hardwoods, amazing built-ins in every nook and cranny, an untouched all original kitchen with turquoise countertops and a turquoise upstairs bath to match. Even a triple garage to house all of my cars! If I had to find fault with the house (and I'm grasping at straws here) it would be that someone had dared to renovate the main floor bathroom, so while it retained the original layout, what I can only dream were pink tiles had been replaced with, ugh, beige nastiness. As well, in an attempt to update? the exterior and add insulation what I would guess was likely wood siding had had styrofoam added and hideous terracotta coloured stucco.

But my obsession with this house is only the starting point to my story. As we all know, I have a hoarding problem, specifically regarding arborite tables from the 1950s/1960s. I can't help it, I'm looking for my holy grail. So sometimes, when it is particularly out of control, I release one from the herd, via kijiji. Usually I've done some mini-restoration work to it or in the case of the set below, completely recovered the chairs (if anyone out there would like to donate an air compressor and air stapler to me, I would be forever indebted to you). I have to say I've gotten pretty good at it, and it makes me feel less guilty for watching tv as I am doing something while I "watch".

Arborite table and chairs in Winnipeg Girl's awesome dining room
So, since I am saving up for a jukebox (yes, I'm a crazy person) I did a blowout sale on the table and chairs and a lovely couple came to take a look. The wife mentioned that they had just bought a 1950s house that still had the original kitchen and that they were looking for a table to go with it. I jokingly asked if it was "the beautiful house on Rupertsland". Ok, so, since clearly I'm not the master of suspense, you've probably guessed it, but it was the people who bought my dream house!! They hadn't even taken possession yet!

What are the odds of this? Does anyone else have experiences like this? I mean, how do the stars even line up to make something like that happen?? I begged them to buy the table just so I could know it was in that beauty of a house, and they did. Of course it might be because I frightened them with my knowledge of their new abode, but we'll pretend it was because it truly was the perfect table and chairs for them. Yup, the MLS has been good to me for life's little surprises and coincidences. One time I'll tell you all the story about how I found my house, it was entirely an accident! In the mean time, if you have any old tables and chairs kicking about here or at the cabin, I'll take them off your hands and show them some love and give them a second lease on life!

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  1. I'm a stalker of MLS as well, can't seem to help myself. Love that table, what a great fabric! One of my biggest regrets is selling an old 50's style table with gorgeous chrome my husband and I had when we first moved out. We were determined to replace all of our second hand old furniture with shiny new stuff. Now I realize I preferred that style by far to the modern one we now have.