Thursday, January 12, 2012

Short and sweet

While this also follows my mini-restaurant trend, it is also North End related.

I just had a Fat Boy and fries from the White Top for lunch and I am now sitting in my chair with that contented feeling you get when you indulge in comfort food; I've mentioned this place before but if you're new to my blog let me fill you in. The White Top is located on Salter, in between Manitoba and Magnus. It is a take-out only place, but it has a drive-thru if you are too chicken to get out of your car (which, of course you shouldn't be, get over it). Call on your way there and place your order and then you don't even need to wait, instant burger gratification.
White Top Drive In on Urbanspoon

The staff are ALWAYS exceedingly friendly (but genuine) and seriously, if you do the walk-up option check out how freakishly clean it looks in there. I have this one weird request I always make when I go there (no, I'm not going to tell you what it is) and they very graciously accommodate me every time. Probably my favourite place to nosh in the North End. And in the "Fat Boy Idol" contest the FreeP ran the White Top is also champ. Go. Now. Go Hungry.

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  1. I went three today for lunch ! That's a fabulous FatBoy ! Huge amount of chips. Lilly and I gorged ourselves.