Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My first Jets game

First seat view...
I feel like I found a unicorn. A friend called me up, out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go to the Jets game last night. As I do not have a super sports oriented group of friends, this invite was particularly unexpected. I was hoping to get to take in a game and figured eventually my number would come up in the lottery system, although maybe not this year.

I have always enjoyed attending random sporting events now and again, I may not understand every play but hey, it's not like I understand all the finer points of everything in the arts either. When I visited New York a last summer I took in a Yankee game - just because. It turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip. I tried to take in a Moose game once a year and although it's been a while for the Bombers and Goldeyes I've been to both of those as well. My lack of attendance at Bomber games can be blamed on the fact that I am a fair weather sports fan only and since the Bombers sell out so frequently my chances of rounding up a group and getting tickets on the day of are pretty slim.

Now, besides the obvious loss, the game was fantastic, I'm hooked. Winnipeg Girl would officially love to join you at a game if you have an extra ticket (especially if it's free (!) as last nights was - I'll pick up the tab for  the overpriced beer and even be the DD). The atmosphere was incredible. While I do question why it takes worshiping guys who make millions to bring out civic and national pride, it is undeniable that being surround by so many people with so much passion for anything is catching.

Second seat view (we rotated between a pair and single seat)
Thank you to the random guy next to me who tried to explain icing, and a shout out to my cousin and her husband who won the "kiss cam" in their superhero costumes. I also thoroughly enjoyed the dude in the stormtrooper costume and I sat just down from a row of Santas. I don't understand how the guy in the full green bodysuit was able to see the game though...

I love the now legendary Winnipeg shout of "TRUE NORTH" during the anthem, and on the ride home I felt a small victory in the world of boys vs. girls as I schooled my male passengers on the Legend of the Octopus (thank you google, as they refused to believe me). I don't know if Winnipeg needs another "thing" as we already claim rights to the "White Out" and now the True North shout, and, although I'm grossly fascinated by the throwing of random sea-creatures (and a 4 ft shark????) perhaps if we ever go that route we could do something a little less gross - maybe fly remote controlled planes or giant paper airplanes?

Here's hoping this wasn't my first and only Jets game - GO JETS GO!


  1. I've only made it to two myself but the atmosphere at these games is just amazing. My hubby and his brother have season tickets and "the wives" are purportedly going to get a couple more games yet, can't wait till my next one they're so much fun.

  2. I wish I could attend a Jets game too.

  3. This is a really good post.I really wish I could sometime go n see this game live as well.keep up the good job and looking forward to more

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