Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everything old is new again

Following the vein of little gray bird and her post about promoting Manitoba, I thought I would share this video that I stumbled on today.

I think with a little bit of touching up some creative person could weave the old with the new and create a great video that shows Winnipeg and Manitoba through the decades. I am not that person, so hop to it all you fancy computer literate design savvy types! It made me want to visit Winnipeg in the 50's if nothing else. I love how the part telling us how Manitoba is a fashion hot spot seems to have been filmed in the ladies washrooms on the second floor of The Bay downtown. Yes, the same bathroom that I am convinced is hiding ladies urinals behind a wall. It's been a few months, and with the impending closure for good of The Bay downtown forever, I'd better try one last time to see if someone will open the door for me.

On a completed unrelated note (other than I have linked to something similar before) the person who posted the video above also has a video of John Mann performing at a presumably? Winnipeg house, singing one of my all time favourite Spirit of the West songs. I wish I was cool enough to have been invited to that house party, as it would have rocked my socks off! Maybe when they come to town in March.... (seriously, should this happen get me there, pretty pretty please!)


  1. Wait a second, The Bay is closing? I thought they were just closing off a few floors for office space. Where did you read that?

  2. See this post here by One Man Committee for more details: http://www.onemancommittee.com/2012/01/end-is-near.html