Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter rims look stupid. Discuss.

Yes, I'm back. I've been back for a few days and just haven't had a chance to get back in to the swing of everything (so my fledgling blog was near the bottom of the list). Just before I got home I thought I should again check up on some of the things happening in our great city. Sadly, the topic that topped the list was the genius of a judge who felt the need to add his two cents on how women basically invite rape by how they dress. Never mind the whole "no means no" idea, or the fact that it was a sentencing hearing and that the jackass had unequivocally been convicted of the crime. I think Ms. Martin over at nothinginwinnipeg sums it up better than any one else with her post here. It blows my mind that this guy didn't lose his job. Immediately. I hear they are going to have some sort of review of the incident or some other b.s., but here, in reality, people get fired for making comments that might be mildly insulting to someone, let alone basically telling all women that they deserve to be raped if they dress a certain way.

These are the same rims the car I pass has in summer
Moving on. So, on my twice-weekly commute from my "real job" to my part-time restaurant job I pass this VW GTI with winter rims. Now, the rims that this particular car has in the summer are hideous in my personal opinion, but that is somewhat besides the point. The winter rims are even worse.
Typical winter rims

Now, going out on a bit of limb here, but in a city where winter tires are required for at least 33% of the year (if  not more) why would you not invest in a nicer set of wheels? Or at least hubcaps? Yet there they are, all over the city, vehicles with ugly ugly plain winter rims. It just makes the car look so unfinished. Okay, so perhaps some people might have an older car and don't want to invest in a nice set of wheels for their winter tires - how about looking on kijiji or calling the Hubcap Man to see if you can't dress them up just a bit. For those out there with a nicer car (including that stupid GTI that I pass all the time, or the Audi TT I've seen cruising around town) - spend the cash and buy a set of nice winter rims. It's like if you were to meet a really attractive girl but she had broccoli in her teeth and had a European attitude towards shaving. She's still really pretty, but now she's just a little less desirable.

Well, now that I've covered one of the hot button topics of modern life (clearly the issue of the winter rims) I think I will go back to trying to read and catch up on all of my favourite blogs. Oh, and I have buy winter tires by next winter, so if I put them on ugly rims you have permission to slap me with a rubber chicken.


  1. They look very 'hard at work'-ish and worthy of winter. Nothing looks sexy in winter !

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  3. I think they look great in an industrial sort of way. Think unmarked police car cool.

  4. There really isn't a 'winter rim'. People put the cheapo rims on in the winter for one of two reasons:

    a) They have nice rims and are worried winter driving will wreck them (minority)

    b) They're too cheap to pay for the tire installations, so they get the winter tires put on another set of rims so they don't have to pay twice a year to get the tires re-mounted ( Majority)

  5. I'm pretty sure it's also not good for the tires to keep taking them off and putting them on to different rims, but I guess my title should have been: Winter rims look stupid on expensive/nice cars, discuss.

    @MrChristian - you think winter can't be sexy? Just for fun, do a google image search of "sexy winter" - the number of images that actually have THAT caption is amusing. ;)

    So fine, I'm apparently I'm in the minority, you folks are a practical bunch. Perhaps my irritation with that one poor GTI and its ugly summer wheels and dismay that the owner owns another set of wheels (that are just as ugly) has clouded my usually clear judgment.

  6. I also disagree. I think the plain black steel rims, in addition to being cheaper and practical, have a tough look to them that is appealing, especially in winter. And forget about hubcaps.

    Good topic for a blog post though!

  7. My car is not valuable enough to have anything else.

  8. Wow - there IS a winter sexy. Who knew ? I will start applying more lotion and wear sexy underwear for the rest of the season !

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  10. winter rims also protect the inners from harsh winter weather.. and black steel rims wont leak air >;) they are there for a reason!