Saturday, December 23, 2017

Parking is free, except when it’s not

I am livid.

Did you know that the city has changed how the two hour free parking works on Saturday? Despite no new signage on the meters, same old sticker that says two hours of complimentary parking on Saturday, we are all supposed to now know that the only way you get the two hours free is when you pay for two hours first.

How did I come to realize this? Well when I saw one very diligent parking patrol person ticketing basically EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE EXCHANGE DISTRICT.

I ran out to ask what she was doing, wasn’t it two hours of free parking?? Nope apparently not. I can check the city website if I’d like. Yes, because I always presume that the meter isn’t providing me the information that I need. Also, every single person in the world has a smartphone to confirm parking regulations on the go.

Did anyone else know about this change? When I googled two hours free parking Winnipeg Saturday the only page that made mention of this policy was the City of Winnipeg Parking Store, last updated December 1st. There’s a Free Press article from January 16, 2016 that clearly talks about two hours free parking, no strings attached. The Downtown Winnipeg Biz website states two hours free parking with no mention of needing to pay for two hours first.

So what the heck Winnipeg?

(I’ll add photos and screenshots later, it seems to be an impossible task on my phone, which is why I never blog anymore as I do everything on my phone).

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