Monday, August 8, 2011

Paddlewheel Queen, did you mean M.S. River Rouge?

It seems as though one of the highest traffic generating (besides of course h00kers) search terms to my blog is people looking to take a cruise down the Red and Assiniboine rivers on the Paddlewheel Queen and instead end up reading about the Paddlewheel restaurant at The Bay downtown.

So I decided to do some digging so I could give the people what they ask for. However, my internet sleuthing skills didn't turn up much more than what the others seem to have found. There is a facebook page that hasn't been updated in a long time with a no longer in use phone number and a dead website and an article from the FreeP that indicates they were to be no more. So I got to thinking, well, I know there is still one sightseeing boat in Winnipeg, perhaps they would be happy with that?

So here you are: you are no longer looking for the Paddlewheel Queen, you are looking for the M.S. River Rouge. You can find them here. It unfortunately also has a poorly update facebook page and poor customer service (when I emailed them to confirm their hours as their website gives off the impression that it's not up to date I was simply told to check their website, they didn't really give off a friendly helpful vibe, but I suppose that means the hours on the website are accurate?) but if you want to take Grandma on a cruise down the river then this is what you are probably looking for.

Since it docks near me in the North End, stop by and say hello and check out the Wolseley project!

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  1. The ship rarely moves. When it does, there are only a few people on it so I doubt there are any cooks or servers employed. From what I have heard the owner isn't very good at paying his bills.

    Last summer they were filling it with jerry cans!!