Thursday, June 9, 2011

Since you asked...

The internet fascinates me. I marvel on pretty much a daily basis as to what information is now at our fingertips. Back in the day (you know, like the 80's) Winnipeg was XX years behind in fashion trends because it took that long for the ideas to trickle down to us, now, we can all know what everybody on the other side of the world is wearing *right this minute* with live cams, twitter feeds (I don't personally understand the point of Twitter, but that's another post) and checking out the facebook profiles of everyone we've ever met and their friends. That being said, I hear we're still a little behind in fashion, but I blame winter for that one; you try to be fashion forward and warm at the same time!

So, further to the internet impressing the heck out of me, Blogger is good enough to tell me what countries all of my page views come from, and boy oh boy are they varied!

Those countries are, in no particular order....

UK, Iran, Belgium, Estonia, Australia, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Vietnam, Cayman Islands, Paraguay, Uruguay, Netherlands, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, South Korea, Poland, Brazil, India, Taiwan, Denmark, Turkey, Qatar, Philippines, Ukraine, South Africa, Belarus, Iceland, Sri Lanka, France, Algeria, Macau, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates and Spain.

From these far and away lands most of my visitors have of course ended up on my blog from following a link from one of my fellow Winnipegger's blogs. However, a fair number have used our good friend Google or some other search engine and have hoped to find the answers to questions like:

Where is there a black and white photo booth in Winnipeg?
I think there might be one at the airport, and one at Polo Park. But they may have all switched to colour ones now. I hope not. I thought there used to be a place you could rent an old school one from, but my own Googling skills led me only to here and here, neither of which is what I would be looking for if that's what I had been searching for a black and white photo booth, I'd want it old school. 

hai yo mak slurpee
I had to try Googling this one myself because I thought maybe I was missing out on something. Google just suggested that perhaps I meant "How you make slurpee" which does make a bit more sense.  My answer is don't make it, 7-11 does it best.
This has been searched a few times and it just strokes my ego. Yup, if that's what you put into the search engine, you were looking for ME!! Hi there :)

good place for mpi painting winnipeg
That's a toughie, I mean, if I suggest a place and you go there and it sucks when you go, I'll have a hater. I did take my car to Intercity Auto Body and they were awesome for helping me to not have my car written off in a "marginal" claim. Although, if they haven't already, they need to change their radio ad, it's a bit dated; their jingle claims they are across from MPI, well, MPI moved I think about a year ago.... This one is a North Ender too so it gets points for that.

the bay downtown winnipeg washroom ladies
I have decided that this one is also one for the ego boost category, I'm sure we've all done it - seen something we liked on a website but couldn't remember exactly what site so searched out the term that seems most unique. So either someone was looking for my post about the ladies urinals at The Bay downtown (as that has shown up as a referring link a few times too) or perhaps they have some fetish for public bathrooms in department stores. Hmmm, I suppose that could go either way actually....

rubber chicken winnipeg
I would try Gags Unlimited, Party Stuff and Spencers. Let your fingers do the walking and call first.

winnipeg to meet a girl
slutty winnipeg girls
Now, I have no way of knowing for sure if this was the same person searching, I sure hope not. For slutty Winnipeg girls I would try any of the dance clubs, about half hour before closing, before the lights come up. As for coming to Winnipeg to meet a girl, man, that's a good question. Apparently all the super cool chicks are writing blogs (check the blogroll gents, there's a few of us ladies on there!) so you probably won't run into them in the streets. I'll let you know right after I figure out where exactly to meet a guy, seems logical that they are the same place (of course I think they ended up here because of the Meet Winnipeg Girl this weekend post, mixed with my rant at some point about slutty halloween costumes).

So, these are just a few of the ways people end up on my little blog about Winnipeg. If you're from far and away, don't be shy, send me an email or make a comment on my posts, I'd love to know how you ended up here. Oh, and my fellow Winnipeggers, what are some of the strange things that have drawn people to your posts?


  1. Hahahahahaha to my reader with the sense of humour - today someone who came to the blog had searched "cute bum love me love my winnipeg blog" ;)

    Oh, and apologies to Trinidad and Tobago - I realized that I forgot you on my map! If I forgot anyone else, sorry!

    Well thank you again random reader for making me smile - maybe I'll put on my favourite jeans and take a picture to put in my next post ;)

  2. I do a round up at the end of each year, but probably the oddest one from the past week was "pakistani x x x gonzo". Don't ask... I don't know.